Clarinet and Saxophone Lessons in Putney.
Convenient to Putney, Fulham, Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Richmond in purpose built studio.


Below is part of Mark's discography with links to itunes, CDs are available from most of the tracks can be found on Amazon mp3. and itunes

 The Jammers Live. David Clayton, Kenji Jammer (both Simply Red band members), Theo Buckingham. Mark Buckingham and Stefano Della Casa. Live Early Electric Miles Davis vibe from the best 'funkers' around.  Mixed by Marco Perry The Premises Studios, Hackney, London.  Available from gigs.


The Buckingham/Donald Quartet,

The Buckingham Donald Quartet

Buckingham/Donald Quartet was formed in 2011. Despite their great successes playing together for a decade in South London fringe venues such as Cafe Cairo, Putney Arts Centre and The Half Moon Putney they decided to record a project of their most daring and explicit compositions.

The music has influences ranging from Prokofiev, Stravinsky to Ornette Coleman, Loose Tubes and Art Tatum, most of the compositions are by Buckingham who's experimental compositions on the bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet are largely unheard of in modern jazz music and worth the price of admission alone.

Tom Donald is an award winning film composer and piano virtuoso often performing complete concerts cycles of improvisation. Recently his compositions for film have won acclaim throughout Europe and The Middle East, including Haider Rashid's” The Deep” and Koutiba Al-Janabi's "Leaving Baghdad" in which he invited Buckingham to play Bass Clarinet.

Both Mark and Theo Buckingham are no strangers to the Bulls Head concert schedule performing multiple sellout concerts as part of the 'Groove Warriors", the Buckingham/Donald quartet reveals their more zesty compositional output.

Mark Buckingham and Tom Donald are both renowned local figures in music education. Buckingham is the author of "improvising the blues" a no nonsense guide to playing jazz on any woodwind instrument. Additionally, Donald's school of piano in Mayfair attracts students worldwide who travel to see his seminars on piano improvisation. Theo Buckingham is a sought-after drums and percussion teacher based at the Ritz in Richmond, running weekly workshops.

Due to the large local student and musical following of these musicians, we highly recommend early booking to the magical evening.

 Here We Go on youtube 

Solo Classical Clarinet, Vol. 1 and Solo Clarinet. Bach Vol. 2 see itunes

Guiseppe Ruggiero 16 Finishing Studies for Solo Alto Saxophone

The Iota Group Live.

Live at The Half Moon, Putney, . London

The latest cd. The Iota Group recorded at Roehampton University

Improvised Clarinet Quartet  Bb,Alto Bass and Contra Alto Clarinet. Only available from gigs.

Solo Mark Buckingham. Only available from gigs.

Improvised Solo's, Duo's and Trio's  Mark Buckingham all clarinets. Only available from gigs.

Improvised Saxophone and Drum Duets.  Theo Buckingham drums and Mark Buckingham Alto saxophone. Only available from gigs.

An English Summer Sonata. Tom Donald piano and Mark Buckingham Bb Clarinet. Improvised Western Art Music, see itunes.

Live at The Natioal Opera Studio. Tom Donald piano and Mark Buckingham clarinets. Improvised Western Art Music

Sacred Site Improvisations. Solo Bb Clarinet recorded at sacred sites such as stone circles, dolmens, standing stones etc. Subtle 'alternative' clarinet mediatively blending with the enviroment.  1999, 2000, 2001, 2002. Only available from gigs.


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Guiseppe Reggiero Solo Alto Saxophone

 Guiseppe Reggiero 16 Finishing Studies for Alto Saxophone, from the CD.                    Only available from gigs.


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