Clarinet and Saxophone Lessons in Putney.
Convenient to Putney, Fulham, Wandsworth, Hammersmith and Richmond in purpose built studio.

Jamming The Blues

The track playing in the background is taken from the Eb book of Jamming The Blues. Alto saxophone players feel free to 'jam' along using the G Minor Blues scale. Tenor and Clarinet players use the C Minor Blues Scale. This is a major part of my lesson plans to develop the creative music making aspect of my students and train players to improvise on the blues initially then jazz standards and funk.

If difficult to play along or need development help please book a lesson.


G Minor for alto saxophones on the first stave and C Minor for tenor saxophone and clarinet on the second.

Jamming The Blues by Mark Buckingham available from Kevin Mayhew Publishers



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The Lessons

Mark's lessons are always fun and varied. He has been teaching instrumental music for over 30 years, so has got a huge amount of experience. Mark lives what he teaches.

All ages welcomed, 7 is roughly the earliest for a saxophone student. But Trevor J James has developed a sax named The Alpha Sax for younger players. It is lighter with less key work than a regular saxophone so it's easier to manage. Adult beginners welcomed.

You will need your own instrument. Many shops will hire you an instrument. Ritz always keeps saxes in stock. 

Your average lesson will include 'improvisation'. Mark has always felt that this is vitual to music making and created the series of books with cd called Jammin The Blues. These are available from Kevin Mayhew the Publisher and will be needed in the lessons. Eb or Bb depending on your instrument.

Mark balances the creative side of music making with playing some of the great jazz, blues and funk tunes of the past. This part of the lesson adds strengh to the reading and theory side of the language of music.

Mark will always work with students on material they wish to play. Whilst all the time gently looking at scales, theory, understanding of the language of music, but with grace and no pressure.

Lessons are focused on creativity, musicianship and technique.  

Advanced students will work on the projects they need help with, be it the classical repertiore or jazz/blues/funk etc. Please let me know.

Advanced clarinet techniques can also be taught, multiphonics, quarter-tones, micro-tonals, aleatory, etc. As well as the standard and contemporary repertoire.

Mark is a specialist at getting'anyone to jam'. Any age or ability. 

Please go to spotify to hear much of Marks work or itunes and amazon mp3 to purchase cds or tracks. for more information and real CDs.

Thank you for looking. 

Contact Mark

 Click book covers to purchase from the publisher the Eb or Bb version.



.Jammin The Blues.

Bb, Eb, Concert, Guitar and Bass. Almost any instrument can benefit from the series. For advanced students a cd is avaliable containing the complete standard blues sequence in all keys.

The Books with cd can be ordered from your local music shop and the publisher Kevin Mayhew Ltd + Ritz Music Shop in Richmond.



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